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About Us

An Unexpected Journey

We are a nurse, three surgeons, an MIT grad, and an engineer. We are here, at your service, ready to help you find exactly the right products to meet your unique needs. 

Meet The Team

Posie Granet RN, BSN
Danielle Pigneri MD
Robert Behm MD
P. Janson Granet MD, FACS

Posie Granet


Danielle Pigneri


Robert Behm


P. Jason Granet


Our Story

Well, if you had told any of us ten years ago that we would be selling ostomy appliances, none of us would have believed you. But then life presented some challenging scenarios and it seemed to us that things could be better. It started slowly, with one nurse recognizing the problem and eventually discussing this with three surgeons who found themselves frustrated with the current options. 

Our mission is to develop products aimed at making life easier for people with ostomies. For now, this means the D-Ostomy appliance itself. There are more products in the works and we are excited to work with clients, nurses, etc to create new products that make ostomy life normal life. 

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